The Secret to Direct Response Success Using Social Media

Direct response marketers want to generate sales and measure ROI, yet often wonder, “How does social media fit into the mix?” Rest assured, there is a point of convergence between traditional direct response marketing and the social media used to support it. Read on to discover the secret.Read more

5 Healthcare Marketing Assumptions That Could Cost You

We’d be surprised if you never made any assumptions about your customers when deploying a marketing campaign. But we’d be even more surprised if you didn’t “miss the target” once or twice. False assumptions can be costly—and that’s why it’s so important to do your research and get your facts straight.

Let’s jump right in to looking at common consumer marketing assumptions made by healthcare companies and health insurance carriers along with the facts that challenge them.Read more

3 Types of Marketing Content that Drives B2B Sales Leads

Want leads? Chew on this: lead generation is the most important organizational goal for 85% of marketers, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmark, Budget and Trends. The most important goal!

If you’re not using marketing content to drive B2B sales leads, you might be missing out on attracting a potential buyer’s attention—and getting a hold of their contact information—while they’re in the early stages of the process. The sooner you can start nurturing the lead through your sales funnel, the better.

Use Effective Content at the Top of the Funnel
There are many types of marketing content—case studies, landing pages, white papers, infographics, and direct mail postcards, just to name a few—and they all support the sales process in their own unique way. Some of them even do double or triple duty, like the blog post, which can educate and inspire anyone from the casual web searcher to the loyal customer.

But we’re focusing here on marketing content that does particularly well in the stage of top-of-the-funnel sales lead generation, when your goal isRead more

3 Benefits of Recruiting Sales Agents Through LinkedIn

Insurance agents are the heart of your business. Whether they’re captive or independent, they represent your brand and bring your products to the marketplace. In fact, your company’s growth depends on recruiting successful agents who will help you reach—and exceed—your sales targets.

Fortunately, with the right strategy and tools, you can put LinkedIn and today’s hottest social media recruitment trends to work for you—and keep a steady stream of agent sales leads flowing in.

So why should you consider recruiting captive and independent sales agents on the professional networking powerhouse, LinkedIn?Read more

MLB Takes a Swing at Social CRM Strategy

Even though most of us are White Sox Fans, at TWO, we are in Chicago, and some of us did root for the Cubs. One thing these two teams have in common is social media and an epic fan following. How do they do it? Read below.

Here is our 7th most of 2016

Social CRM Strategy

Take me out to the ballgame. Actually, take me out to a White Sox ballgame, preferably when it is 75 degrees.Read more