MLB Takes a Swing at Social CRM Strategy

Even though most of us are White Sox Fans, at TWO, we are in Chicago, and some of us did root for the Cubs. One thing these two teams have in common is social media and an epic fan following. How do they do it? Read below.

Here is our 7th most of 2016

Social CRM Strategy

Take me out to the ballgame. Actually, take me out to a White Sox ballgame, preferably when it is 75 degrees.Read more

Marketing Opportunities Using Pokémon GO and Augmented Reality

During the holiday season, we will be looking back to our most popular 2016.

Here is Number 10

Pokemon Go Logo

It seems like everyone in the whole world hopped on the bandwagon with the recent launch of Pokémon GO. If you don’t know what Pokémon GO is you can read more about it in this USA Today article. Pokemon GO uses Augmented Reality (AR), which is the ability to see the real world in real time with elements that are augmented by a computer-generated input. This input could be GPS location, sound, and visuals such as graphics or video. You can see in the photo below an example of AR being used at a Chicago “L” Stop. Using AR for digital marketing is the next big thing and McDonald’s is first to use the Pokémon GO app for marketing purposes.

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Boost Life Insurance Sales with these 3 Marketing Strategies

Life insurance

September was Life Insurance Awareness Month.  The  (LIMRA) put out their Facts About Life 2016 detailing findings from several of their life insurance consumer studies. While more people own life insurance now versus 2010, there are still 37.5 million U.S. households (30%) that do not own life insurance.  Read more

Marketing Matters

Twitter Youtube Facebook Instagram

What made this 2016 Presidential Election coverage different from past years? Some say it was the on-going daily drama between two vibrant candidates. Others say it was the media’s captivating dissection of every political high and low leading up to the main event.Read more

9 Instagram Stats for Businesses


If you target audience is under the age of 50, you better be focusing your marketing efforts to this highly engaged audience through Instagram.

For those of you who do not know what Instagram is, it is a visual storytelling platform where you share moments through imagery and videos. With a community of more than 500M active monthly users, of which 300M whom log in daily, Instagram is the second most engaged network after Facebook. (source: more