9 Instagram Stats for Businesses


If you target audience is under the age of 50, you better be focusing your marketing efforts to this highly engaged audience through Instagram.

For those of you who do not know what Instagram is, it is a visual storytelling platform where you share moments through imagery and videos. With a community of more than 500M active monthly users, of which 300M whom log in daily, Instagram is the second most engaged network after Facebook. (source: brandwatch.com)Read more

4 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Company Page

4 Tips to enhance your linkedin

LinkedIn isn’t just a social media space for people to find jobs or for companies to find qualified employees. It is also a space where companies can curate and nuture relationships with potential clients or vendors. The thing is most companies aren’t using their LinkedIn Company Page to its full potential. Here are four ways to improve your LinkedIn Company Page.Read more

To Buy or Not to Buy: The Social Media Buy Button

Social Media -Buy Now


Last year social media platforms began experimenting with “Buy Buttons”. These allowed followers to purchase items or services directly from their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest feeds.  And according to a recent Forbes article, Buy Buttons are one of this year’s “dominating” marketing trends.  As a direct marketer, these seem to be the answer to my prayers!  The button cuts through the “likes” and “shares” and directly converts the follower into a buyer.Read more

5 Reasons to Use Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing


You may be asking yourself what is Influencer Marketing. The definition of Influencer Marketing is: a type of marketing that focuses on using key influencers to drive your brand’s message, product or service. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead hire, pay or inspire influencers to get out the word for you.Read more

4 Steps to Create a Curated Instagram Feed


While looking at many of my favorite Instagram feeds I noticed how many had a beautifully curated look. I then realized they were consciously curating their Instagram's to go along with their style. Now, many brands are adapting to this curated style and their pages are starting to look like a beautiful collage. If you want your brand’s Instagram to have this look here are four steps to create a curated Instagram feed.Read more