3 Reasons To Clean Up Your Data Files Pronto

3 Reasons To Clean Up Your Data Files Pronto

Data hygiene. While it’s not as inspiring as other direct marketing topics like branding or creative development, it’s music to the ears of data analysts. To them, it means “clean lists.” And to campaign managers, it means “better response rates” and “ROI.”Read more

What Does Your Corporate Culture have to do with Marketing Success?

Corporate Culture and Marketing Success


At first glance, company culture is a human resources concern. Right? They ask, “Are our employees working toward the same goals?” and “Does our work environment support the collaboration and transparency we value as an organization?” And don’t forget the hot-button question in today’s workplace: “Are our employees engaged?”Read more

MLB Takes a Swing at Social CRM Strategy

Even though most of us are White Sox Fans, at TWO, we are in Chicago, and some of us did root for the Cubs. One thing these two teams have in common is social media and an epic fan following. How do they do it? Read below.

Here is our 7th most of 2016

Social CRM Strategy

Take me out to the ballgame. Actually, take me out to a White Sox ballgame, preferably when it is 75 degrees.Read more

Emojis: To Include or Not to Include in Your Next Campaign?

This next popular post from 2016 is about those cute little pictures we text to each other.

Here is our 8th most of 2016


Emojis, cute little pictograms, have probably crept into your vernacular by now.  It’s a newer way to communicate through images. They are everywhere. Not anymore just in iPhone instant messages. But Advertising Campaigns and Social Media. And there’s now more of them. With each software update, I think my phone has a bigger emoji library than I could possibly ever use.Read more

6 Common Direct Mail Mistakes

During the holiday season, we will be looking back to our most popular posts in 2016.

Here is Number 9

6 common direct mail mistakes


It has been 97 years, since the post office last had a substantial drop in postage rates. With that said, now is the time to take advantage of the $0.02 per piece decrease and communicate with your customers/prospects the old fashion “direct mail” way.

To get the best results, it is important that you not only focus on the visual design but also on all the parts that play into the success of the mailing. If you stay away from the 6 common direct mail mistakes below, you will produce a more effective piece.Read more