4 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Company Page

4 Tips to enhance your linkedin

LinkedIn isn’t just a social media space for people to find jobs or for companies to find qualified employees. It is also a space where companies can curate and nuture relationships with potential clients or vendors. The thing is most companies aren’t using their LinkedIn Company Page to its full potential. Here are four ways to improve your LinkedIn Company Page.Read more

4 Secrets to Success with Your Marketing Agency


In a previous blog post, I wrote about the topic “The 3 Ways How The Agency Relationship Can Help You” benefit your business.

The most successful client and agency relationships are partnerships. Like any relationship, there’s give and take. There’s time invested and effort, plus regular communication between both parties.

Here are 4 secrets how to ensure your relationship remains or can become even more successful. The role each party plays can be key to that success.Read more

Storytelling Copy Can Be Very Convincing

Storytelling Copy Can Be Very Convincing

Storytelling copy seems to be a lost art among copywriters. If your target audience includes GenXers and Baby Boomers (those born prior to 1980) you should consider a test with a storytelling approach if you use direct mail, email, content marketing/blog posts, website landing pages, video or any other medium that can support more than a few paragraphs of copy.Read more

To Buy or Not to Buy: The Social Media Buy Button

Social Media -Buy Now


Last year social media platforms began experimenting with “Buy Buttons”. These allowed followers to purchase items or services directly from their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest feeds.  And according to a recent Forbes article, Buy Buttons are one of this year’s “dominating” marketing trends.  As a direct marketer, these seem to be the answer to my prayers!  The button cuts through the “likes” and “shares” and directly converts the follower into a buyer.Read more

Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Turnkey Marketing Solutions

Do you have a sales team in need of customized collateral? Is your internal art department struggling to meet the demands of these incoming one-offs? Are you frustrated because something so simple as a resize or a name change can take 1-2 weeks to turnaround? If these questions seem relevant and close to home, then The Weinstein Organization might have the perfect solution for you!Read more