5 Reasons to Use Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing


You may be asking yourself what is Influencer Marketing. The definition of Influencer Marketing is: a type of marketing that focuses on using key influencers to drive your brand’s message, product or service. Rather than marketing directly to a large group of consumers, you instead hire, pay or inspire influencers to get out the word for you.Read more

4 Steps to Create a Curated Instagram Feed


While looking at many of my favorite Instagram feeds I noticed how many had a beautifully curated look. I then realized they were consciously curating their Instagram's to go along with their style. Now, many brands are adapting to this curated style and their pages are starting to look like a beautiful collage. If you want your brand’s Instagram to have this look here are four steps to create a curated Instagram feed.Read more

Need a Marketing Breakthrough?


This morning I was reading a Forbes article “How to Create Your Own Marketing Breakthrough”. 

The article speaks of 3 strategies, which I agree with, as I can see how they’ve been an integral part of The Weinstein Organization’s (TWO) culture. As I share with you, I’ll apply to our experience. I hope you’ll be able to incorporate these tips into your company’s product and services, and please let me know how I can help grow your business or help address a current need.Read more

7 Ways Pokémon Go Can Boost Your Sales

pokemon go


Last month when Pokémon Go hit the App Store, my newsfeed was filled with stories about the Pokémon Go phenomenon. I was intrigued. I downloaded the game and was immediately blown away. Here was a game that took the user “out into the world” to “catch em’ all”. Even my 12-year-old, who was playing the game too, was suddenly asking me if he could “go outside and take a walk!” What was happening???Read more


Happy Birthday

Are you taking advantage of milestone marketing initiatives, such as time-sensitive “Birthday” Mailings and Emails? 

Being that my birthday just recently passed, I can sincerely state that I really appreciated all of the sweet nothings that I received from retailers whom I frequent. To be completely honest, it wasn’t so much the nice sentiments, but rather the great pleasure of opening my mailbox to find desirable MONEY SAVING COUPONS from places that I like to shop!Read more