Storytelling Copy Can Be Very Convincing

Storytelling Copy Can Be Very Convincing

Storytelling copy seems to be a lost art among copywriters. If your target audience includes GenXers and Baby Boomers (those born prior to 1980) you should consider a test with a storytelling approach if you use direct mail, email, content marketing/blog posts, website landing pages, video or any other medium that can support more than a few paragraphs of copy.Read more

What to write about: 5 ways of finding the right topic.

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I spent way too long thinking of the right content to write about this week.  In fact, I got nowhere.  Then it dawned on me! Write about not knowing what to write about!  Being a blog or content writer comes with topic fatigue.  Here are some tips to help you find your next blog topic to cover.Read more

Top 3 Most Effective Content Marketing Channels

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Major brands like John Deere, Jell-O and P&G have been telling stories, using radio, magazines and recipe books, in order to attract and keep customers for over 80 years. Fast forward to the late 90’s, where technology is no longer a barrier, and online content marketing begins to boom. Online conference services, Microsoft Corporate channels, digital magazines and more are developed to keep up with the internet boom. Nowadays, with all the available content options, it’s critical to hone in on the top Content Marketing Channels to reach the highest response rate and ROI.Read more

Curated Content: An Important Key in Today’s Lead Generation Marketing

For most of my years in direct marketing the model for generating leads for Business-to-Business sales organizations went something like this: Run ads in publications, card packs or use outbound telemarketing, often with an gift offer to encourage response, qualify the leads on the response card or with telemarketing and distribute the leads to the sales organization.

Today’s information-age prospects are smarter and want to be convinced you are knowledgeable resource before they make contact with you. Today’s prospects must be gently nurtured, and are turned-off by a heavy sales pitch.Read more

The Fundamentals of Direct Response Copywriting

 During the holiday season we will be looking back to our best blog posts of the year.

Here is Number 8 by Kim Chapman!

Our TWO Sense: The Fundamentals of Direct Response Copywriting


In the industry that I work, good copy is very important. You can have the best placement and offer, and beautiful creative, but without exceptional copy, your ad will most likely fall flat.

In the best-selling book “Successful Direct Marketing Methods”, Bob Stone, the pioneer of direct marketing, writes in length about this ever-important form of marketing, including some tips for copy.Read more