How To Nurture Your B2B Sales Leads With Effective Content Marketing


Unless they’re shopping for the low-risk basics or making repeat purchases, B2B buyers don’t want to just be “sold to.” If they’re considering a new investment in a higher-ticket item, such as business software or a new insurance product, they’re looking at a longer sales cycle with more at stake. That means they need information and guidance—not a hard sales push—as you nurture them from “lead” to “customer.”

In 3 Types of Marketing Content that Drives B2B Sales Leads, we looked at how content can support your lead generation efforts. But once you get some leads, what’s next? We suggest taking a lead nurturing approach that provides more marketing content to inspire your customers’ winding journey through the sales funnel. In other words, following a content marketing strategy.

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10 Tips to Enhance your Content Marketing Strategy


When you have good content, how do you move it? Good content requires great promotion. The quality of your content is an essential baseline to start your campaign. Regardless of the promotion, bad content doesn’t move well. So what do you do when you know you have good content? How can you make it go viral? Here are 10 tips to optimize your content marketing plan…

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