How are Marketing 4.0 Trends Shaping Your Digital Priorities?

How are Marketing 4.0 Trends Shaping Your Digital Priorities?

Consider this: 88% of marketing professionals planning to increase their digital marketing budget to some extent in 2019, a study from Ascend finds. There’s no question that digital marketing continues to change the way companies of all shapes and sizes meet the needs of their customers and sales teams—so what impact is it making on your organization?

Here, we’ll take a look at the top Marketing 4.0 trends shaping marketing strategies and explore some things you can do to ensure you’re effectively blending traditional and digital marketing efforts as the landscape evolves.

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10 Tips to Enhance your Content Marketing Strategy


When you have good content, how do you move it? Good content requires great promotion. The quality of your content is an essential baseline to start your campaign. Regardless of the promotion, bad content doesn’t move well. So what do you do when you know you have good content? How can you make it go viral? Here are 10 tips to optimize your content marketing plan…

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Top 3 Most Effective Content Marketing Channels

Content Marketing, content marketing

Major brands like John Deere, Jell-O and P&G have been telling stories, using radio, magazines and recipe books, in order to attract and keep customers for over 80 years. Fast forward to the late 90’s, where technology is no longer a barrier, and online content marketing begins to boom. Online conference services, Microsoft Corporate channels, digital magazines and more are developed to keep up with the internet boom. Nowadays, with all the available content options, it’s critical to hone in on the top Content Marketing Channels to reach the highest response rate and ROI.Read more

Curated Content: An Important Key in Today’s Lead Generation Marketing

For most of my years in direct marketing the model for generating leads for Business-to-Business sales organizations went something like this: Run ads in publications, card packs or use outbound telemarketing, often with an gift offer to encourage response, qualify the leads on the response card or with telemarketing and distribute the leads to the sales organization.

Today’s information-age prospects are smarter and want to be convinced you are knowledgeable resource before they make contact with you. Today’s prospects must be gently nurtured, and are turned-off by a heavy sales pitch.Read more

Content Marketing: How to satisfy the direct marketing need for measurement

Content Marketing

Many of us direct marketers have been struggling with content marketing – the creation and publishing of information presented in a variety of formats, video, white papers, blog posts, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles and more.Read more