Creating A Brand Persona That Connects With Your Customers

Do your marketing communications bring your company and brand to life? Do they “speak” in a unique voice? Do they convey a human touch that connects to your customers and prospects? In other words, does your company have a brand persona?

The Value of a Brand Persona
We work with many of our clients on developing brand guidelines, sometimes called brand manuals or brand standards. These are put in place to help employees, franchisees, creative contractors, or other partners involved in sharing the company’s message understand and apply the company’s values and identity across all channels and media.

Part of this work involves establishing a brand persona—a set of attributes, or personality traits, that embody the brand and what it stands for. You can think of the brand persona as the “heart” of the brand; the logo, tagline, and other visual and copy-driven elements represent its “clothing.” The brand persona drives theRead more