How Digital Strategies are Fueling 2016 Presidential Campaigns

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In 2008, when Clinton lost to Obama, the iPhone was just a year old, Twitter was a fraction of the 200 million users a month, and Instagram, a photo-sharing site with 300 million users did not exist until Clinton was secretary of state.  In 2008, Clinton had a BlackBerry --. In 2015, she uses an iPhone, iPad and her own, controversial, email server.Read more

Turn Your Digital Focus on Consumers

Written by Mark Weinstein, President

Our TWO Sense: Turn your digital focus on consumers

A lot of marketers are using email today much like postal direct mail 40 years ago when Standard Class postage (aka third class) was 3.3 cents.

Back then it made sense to mail large quantities with little or no targeting because a marketer could achieve excellent response volume and very positive return on investment mailing broadly.  The data available by today’s standards was limited, and the concept of sending direct mail based upon specific behaviors and previous purchases was not needed since mailing costs were about ¼ of today’s direct mail.Read more