The Secret to Direct Response Success Using Social Media

Direct response marketers want to generate sales and measure ROI, yet often wonder, “How does social media fit into the mix?” Rest assured, there is a point of convergence between traditional direct response marketing and the social media used to support it. Read on to discover the secret.Read more

White Space/No Space? Why Strategic Web Design Matters in Direct Response Marketing

Let’s cut to the chase: a well-designed direct response website does a better job converting visitors to prospects and prospects to leads and sales.

A strategic, direct response web design assures your website carries out your business strategy in the online channel, guiding your prospects through the sales funnel and getting your existing customers to the “right place,” all while supporting your brand message.

When Strategy Reigns
When lead generation and conversions matter—and when don’t they matter?—you’re going to want to work with a team that has a designer on hand to make sure your website strategy plays out effectively.

Here are some things to consider…Read more

6 Common Direct Mail Mistakes

6 common direct mail mistakes

It has been 97 years, since the post office last had a substantial drop in postage rates. With that said, now is the time to take advantage of the $0.02 per piece decrease and communicate with your customers/prospects the old fashion “direct mail” way.Read more

5 Tips to Marketing Financial Products to Women

Marketing Financial Products to Women

I attended the Mid-Year PiMA (Professional Insurance Marketing Association) meeting last week in Stowe, Vermont where I had the pleasure of hearing Marti Barletta speak.  The topic of her presentation was The (Sh)economy - the Female Market.

I was a bit skeptical before the presentation. I wondered what I was going to learn about the “Female Market” being that I was part of that market!  What was I going to learn about myself that I already didn’t know?Read more

Content Marketing: How to satisfy the direct marketing need for measurement

Content Marketing

Many of us direct marketers have been struggling with content marketing – the creation and publishing of information presented in a variety of formats, video, white papers, blog posts, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles and more.Read more