Building Relationships through Social Media? Email May be Better.

relationship building using social media

Consumers love social media. For marketers social media is good for sharing content and generating leads and inquiries from customers and prospects.

But, social media may not be the best relationship marketing channel because it is an unreliable way to have a planned, consistent communication strategy.
Here’s why.Read more

5 Statistics that Prove Email is Alive and Thriving in 2016

Email is alive

Contrary to what others may think, email marketing is alive and thriving in 2016. Many believe that is email is dead, but it’s only the email that no one wants such as spam and junk email. The truth is, consumers like to stay informed and they receive real benefits from email like money-saving offers and tips, and marketers get a nice return on their investment.

Here are 5 statistics of why email marketing is still the way to go.Read more

Turn Your Digital Focus on Consumers

Written by Mark Weinstein, President

Our TWO Sense: Turn your digital focus on consumers

A lot of marketers are using email today much like postal direct mail 40 years ago when Standard Class postage (aka third class) was 3.3 cents.

Back then it made sense to mail large quantities with little or no targeting because a marketer could achieve excellent response volume and very positive return on investment mailing broadly.  The data available by today’s standards was limited, and the concept of sending direct mail based upon specific behaviors and previous purchases was not needed since mailing costs were about ¼ of today’s direct mail.Read more

5 Sins of Email Marketing

email sins

We all strive have a successful email marketing campaign with high open and click through rates. But sometimes, they just don’t perform well. You ask yourself, “What went wrong?” Well, you might have been guilty of incorporating one of my 5 email sins below.Read more