3 Reasons Why You Should Add a GIF to Your Email

Dancing Cat

GIF stands for “Graphics Interchange Format”. It’s a computer file format that uses a type of compression called “lossless” compression so that the image quality is not sacrificed as the file size reduces.

An animated GIF is multiple GIFs compressed together into 1 file, rotating one after the other. This compression without loss of quality makes it an ideal candidate for email. (Flash is not supported by most email clients.)Read more

Understanding Net Present Value vs. Lifetime Value

Net Present Value

Reading a LinkedIn article I came across the term Net Present Value (NPV).  Wikipedia describes NPV as “the present value of money today compared to the present value of money in future, taking inflation and returns into account.” It’s However, I found the writer, Sallie Krawcheck’s, personal explanation more thought provoking: “the willingness to forgo earnings today, to invest smartly for more earnings tomorrow.”

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10 Innovative Email Tactics

During the new year we will be looking back to our best blog posts of last year

Here is Number 2 by Kelly Zenere.

Our TWO Sense: 10 Innovative Email Tactics

Email is alive and kickin! In fact, people who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offer. So, how does your company make your next email campaign successful? Easy, I recently took a webinar on 10 innovative email tactics, and these tactics will boost your emails’ longevity, make them more memorable to your clients, and will make them want to ACT when they open your next email.Read more

Email. ABT (Always Be Testing)

In our experience, the Return of Investment (ROI) from email remains near the top of media options. A relatively small increase in conversions and sales can have significant impact on your bottom line. A test that increases your ROI 10%, 20% or more is reason to always be testing in email. An email campaign should not be deployed without a minimal investment to gain some new learning that can improve your results.

Testing different parts of email marketing is essential. With almost infinite variables in any email campaign, it can be tough to know where to begin.Read more

Look What Popped Up

Written by Kim Chapman, Senior Account Executive

Look What Popped Up

So, you know those annoying email sign-up pop-up boxes that sometimes appear on websites of retailers, and other companies?

Well, as annoying as you may think they are, over the last year or so, I have definitely noticed an increase in the amount of them (also known as lightboxes, hover boxes or overlays.) So why are so many companies using them? And should you follow suit?Read more