10 Innovative Email Tactics- Gmail Actions and Welcome Series

Our TWO Sense: Gmail Actions and Adding a Welcome Series

It’s hard to believe that it’s week three of my blog series on innovative email tactics. If you want a refresher of my last two posts take peek here for blog 1 and here for blog 2. Today, I will be going over Gmail Actions and integrating a Welcome Series. These two tactics are a must for your emails.Read more

10 Innovative Email Tactics – Behavioral Re-targeting and Pop-over Subscription Forms

Our TWO Sense: Behavioral Re-Targeting and Pop-Over Subscriptions

It’s week two of my series for innovative email tactics. Last week, I went over adding video and having live content in your emails. You can catch up here if you missed it. This week I will go over behavioral re-targeting and pop-over subscription forms. Both of these tactics are utilized to engage users and get them to sign up and take action when you send them an email.Read more

10 Innovative Email Tactics – Adding Video and Having Live Content

Our TWO Sense: Adding Video and Having Live Content

I’m starting my series for innovative email tactics. This week, I am opening with adding video and having “live” content to your next email campaign. Both of these tactics add value to emails and are great ways to urge customers to click through to the landing page.Read more

6 Dos & Don’ts for Developing Successful Landing Pages

Written by Mark Weinstein, President

Last month we discussed the importance of a dedicated landing page that is targeted and focused on the offer. Basically what it comes down to is whether the offer was to customers or prospects, the landing page they are directed to from the email, online advertising, social media, paid search, direct mail or other medium needs to created specifically for the offer in order to achieve the maximum conversions, redemptions, sign-ups or sales and not to a website home page.

Like any good direct marketer, you’ll want to test conversion offers and creative (copy and design) to determine the most effective landing page. We’ll discuss landing page testing is subsequent blog posts. This month we’re going to review several dos and don’ts for successful landing pages.

Our TWO Sense: 6 Dos and Donts for Developing Successful Landing PagesRead more

5 Successful Marketing Strategies from Chicago’s DMA Conference You Should Be Using.

Written By Kara Monson, Account Supervisor

Out TWO Sense: 5 Successful Marketing Strategies

Since this year’s Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Conference was located in downtown Chicago near our office, our agency received even more information leading up to the exhibition than usual. Through 5 different channels, the DMA was able to reach me, as a target audience - before, during and after the event.Read more