How Marketing Research Can Strengthen your Direct Response Marketing

For years direct response marketers said the best research was gained through testing. Their thought process was, ”Let the customers and prospects tell us with their responses and purchases what is most effective.”

As direct mail creative development became more expensive and postage rose, direct marketers turned to marketing research to gain product, target audience, offer, and creative insights to zero in on the best tests—and the most profitable strategies.

Research can help you identify opportunities, solve specific challenges, and inform almost every decision across the marketing spectrum. Read on for a simple breakdown of the fundamentals of marketing research and uncover some best practices for applying them to your direct response marketing initiatives.
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Need a Marketing Breakthrough?


This morning I was reading a Forbes article “How to Create Your Own Marketing Breakthrough”. 

The article speaks of 3 strategies, which I agree with, as I can see how they’ve been an integral part of The Weinstein Organization’s (TWO) culture. As I share with you, I’ll apply to our experience. I hope you’ll be able to incorporate these tips into your company’s product and services, and please let me know how I can help grow your business or help address a current need.Read more