Is Your Website A Lead-Generation Powerhouse? Our 5-Point Checklist

Your website is an essential part of your lead generation strategy. Not only is it often the first stop along the customer journey, it’s also where conversions happen. And leads get generated everywhere in between! How can you be sure you’re website is working as hard as it can to deliver as many new leads as possible?

When our strategic and creative teams work with customers on website development—at the crossroads of lead generation, naturally—we come to the table with the following 5-point checklist. Consider these your guideposts for creating an up-to-date, lead-generating website:Read more

How to Improve your Google Rankings

How to Improve your Google RankingsDid you know that Google indexes 130 trillion individual web pages with each web crawl? Only about 10 of these web pages fit on the average search engine results page—and every marketer aims for the first spot on the first page. If ranking in the Google 10-pack sounds futile, don’t worry.

Search Engine Ranking Dreams Do Come True
With more than one-hundred billion searches happening on Google each month, at least one of your web pages is bound to rank somewhere, right? It’s worth your while to do your search engine optimization (SEO) due diligence, if you will, because most of the organic search website traffic comes right off of Google’s page one.Read more

10 Tips to Enhance your Content Marketing Strategy


When you have good content, how do you move it? Good content requires great promotion. The quality of your content is an essential baseline to start your campaign. Regardless of the promotion, bad content doesn’t move well. So what do you do when you know you have good content? How can you make it go viral? Here are 10 tips to optimize your content marketing plan…

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What’s the Word On Keyword Research?

What’s the Word On Keyword Research?

Search Engine Optimization has essentially been around since the advent of search engines. And it is constantly evolving as Google continues to optimize their algorithms.

As of late, keyword research (which as always been a big component of SEO) has become less relevant to SEO’s success. The main reason for this is Google no longer looks at search queries in terms of keywords, matching certain keywords up with certain websites. Instead it uses semantics, and looks at search queries in terms of perceived user intent. Founder and CEO of AudienceBloom Jayson DeMars describes it well: “Google’s algorithm has grown sophisticated enough to understand what users are searching for based on their input, and then look for appropriate sources that provide that desired end result.”Read more

Does Size Really Matter?

Written by Account Executive Ashley Page

Do you need a website?

No matter how big or small your business, company or organization, a website is going to be your online face and voice to your customers.  As internet use and online searches become standard practice, the “old ways” to get your name and business out there are disappearing.  For example, The Yellow Pages distribution numbers have been on the decline since 2000 and in recent years, the numbers have plummeted.  And with the rise of smartphones (now over 40% of Americans have one), searching online and on-the-go, is the new normal.Read more