7 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing


Marketing and Advertising on Social Media has become a tightrope. I saw the above cartoon in the June 2015 edition of CCO magazine and thought, “Wow, they really hit this on the head.” Too many posts a day and you get accused of being spam. Same posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn you look Lazy. There is a way to market to your client’s customers, but you also must be engaging and listen to what they have to say. Below are my add-ons to these 7 Deadly Sins.Read more

Curated Content: An Important Key in Today’s Lead Generation Marketing

For most of my years in direct marketing the model for generating leads for Business-to-Business sales organizations went something like this: Run ads in publications, card packs or use outbound telemarketing, often with an gift offer to encourage response, qualify the leads on the response card or with telemarketing and distribute the leads to the sales organization.

Today’s information-age prospects are smarter and want to be convinced you are knowledgeable resource before they make contact with you. Today’s prospects must be gently nurtured, and are turned-off by a heavy sales pitch.Read more

The Lollapalooza Marketing Approach

During the holiday season we will be looking back to our best blog posts of the year.

Here is Number 6 by Kelly Zenere

Lollapalooza lights

Today was D-day… or should I say L-Day. Today was the biggest day festival lovers, concert goers, parents, hipsters, and teenagers were waiting for. Today, Lollapalooza (Lolla) tickets went on sale. Here’s the crazy part 3-Day Passes sold out in under 45-minutes and the crazier part is no one even knows who’s playing yet.Read more

Is Social Media a Viable Form of Direct Marketing?

Social-Media-vs -Direct-Mail-300x222

I was reading an article the other day in which this very question was being addressed. While I agreed with some things the article had to say, one sentence particularly bothered me: “People don’t join social networks to be confronted with marketing messages, they join to be social with a likeminded community.”

Read more

3 Strategies to Prepare for the Future

Is your business ready for the Future

Earlier this month, I attended Annual PIMA (the Professional Insurance Marketing Association) Conference.  The closing Keynote Speaker was Jack Uldrich. Jack Uldrich is an expert futurist, author and speaker who speaks about how to “prepare” or “Future-Proof” your business against today’s ever-changing society.Read more