14 Ways to Stand Out in Your Customers’ Crowded Social Feeds

Your customers’ social media feeds have a life of their own. Their connections are posting, commenting, updating, and sharing—all day long—so they never know exactly what they’re going to find when they log into their account. A funny meme, cute pics of their neighbor’s kids, some snarky commentary on a morning headline? Probably! But what about an eye-catching post from your company?Read more

The Secret to Direct Response Success Using Social Media

Direct response marketers want to generate sales and measure ROI, yet often wonder, “How does social media fit into the mix?” Rest assured, there is a point of convergence between traditional direct response marketing and the social media used to support it. Read on to discover the secret.Read more

Marketing Opportunities Using Pokémon GO and Augmented Reality

During the holiday season, we will be looking back to our most popular 2016.

Here is Number 10

Pokemon Go Logo

It seems like everyone in the whole world hopped on the bandwagon with the recent launch of Pokémon GO. If you don’t know what Pokémon GO is you can read more about it in this USA Today article. Pokemon GO uses Augmented Reality (AR), which is the ability to see the real world in real time with elements that are augmented by a computer-generated input. This input could be GPS location, sound, and visuals such as graphics or video. You can see in the photo below an example of AR being used at a Chicago “L” Stop. Using AR for digital marketing is the next big thing and McDonald’s is first to use the Pokémon GO app for marketing purposes.

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Marketing Matters

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What made this 2016 Presidential Election coverage different from past years? Some say it was the on-going daily drama between two vibrant candidates. Others say it was the media’s captivating dissection of every political high and low leading up to the main event.Read more

4 Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Company Page

4 Tips to enhance your linkedin

LinkedIn isn’t just a social media space for people to find jobs or for companies to find qualified employees. It is also a space where companies can curate and nuture relationships with potential clients or vendors. The thing is most companies aren’t using their LinkedIn Company Page to its full potential. Here are four ways to improve your LinkedIn Company Page.Read more