Twitter Evolving

Twitter evolving

So much has happened since 2006, when the first Tweet was posted. Tweets are no longer just 140 text characters. They are hashtags, videos, photos, and vines. Twitter now even lets you poll your community using GIF reactions and lets you broadcast live using Periscope. In the past week, we’ve just found out Twitter is making major change to its 140 Tweet character limit, so you now have the ability to post and Tweet more information!Read more

MLB Takes a Swing at Social CRM Strategy

Social CRM Strategy


Take me out to the ballgame.  Actually, take me out to a White Sox ballgame, preferably when it is 75 degrees.

After enjoying the first official week of Major League Baseball; with all my White Sox alerts and new app downloads, I’ve realized how well MLB works at its CRM throughout the season.  Major League Baseball (MLB) really wants to hear from the peanut gallery, to try and understand their fans and meet their expectations, because otherwise they risk losing them.Read more

5 Types of B2B Content

Business 2 Business


In the past I’ve written a couple of articles about the importance of creating compelling content (Infographics in your Content Marketing Strategy and 7 Types of Traffic Driving Content) to increase brand awareness and improve sales.  But in these articles, the articles are more B2C focused.  Although a lot of the content in these articles can be applied to both the B2C and B2B markets, I want to take a deeper look into the types of content that is best positioned for the B2B market.Read more

What Facebook “Reactions” Mean for Marketing

facebook reactions

On February 24, 2016, Facebook released “Reactions” emoji buttons to give users a new way to express their true feelings when reacting to posts.

Up until now, the only quick way to communicate feelings, was to click on the “Facebook like” icon. Just like one size doesn’t fit all, the “like” icon doesn’t represent all user feelings and reactions. To help communicate Facebook user’s feelings better, users can now choose from a collection of five feelings which include: “love”, “haha”, “wow”, “sad” and “angry”.Read more

Social Media Explained

 We are in the top 3 of our 2015 most read blog posts!

This one is by Stacy Dautel

Social meowdia

With so many social media platforms out there, it’s hard to know which one is the right one to use for your business. The folks at Avalaunch Media created this SOCIAL MEowDIA EXPLAINED Infographic.  It humorously sums up what each social media platform is used for and provides you with a basic understanding of each.Read more