If You’re Not Testing, You’re Not Maximizing Results

In direct response marketing, the testing never really ends. You’ll always be reiterating your work on some level, testing the various components—and probably some of your assumptions—to improve on your efforts with better and better results.

Testing is an easy and affordable way to keep your campaigns fresh and productive, and the insights you generate can help spark new ideas. But the bottom line is testing is a tried-and-true way to boost campaign effectiveness—and that means attract more leads and sell more product over time.Read more

Email. ABT (Always Be Testing)

In our experience, the Return of Investment (ROI) from email remains near the top of media options. A relatively small increase in conversions and sales can have significant impact on your bottom line. A test that increases your ROI 10%, 20% or more is reason to always be testing in email. An email campaign should not be deployed without a minimal investment to gain some new learning that can improve your results.

Testing different parts of email marketing is essential. With almost infinite variables in any email campaign, it can be tough to know where to begin.Read more