The Case for Adding Video to Your Emails and Landing Pages

Video has become an essential part of inbound marketing. That’s certainly no secret. What is a secret to many businesses, however, is how to integrate video into existing marketing strategies. Over the last three or four years, video has made amazing strides, overtaking static emails and blog posts with the attention-grabbing entertainment consumers prefer. According to HubSpot, “more than 50% of consumers want to see video from brands…more than any other type of content.”

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Lights, Camera, Action

Using online video advertising to drive response.

Our TWO Sense: Lights, Camera, Action

Written by Kim Chapman, Senior Account Executive

Online advertising is a very good avenue for direct marketing, with the convenience of clicking on the product you want, and being able to purchase it right away.

And with all of the niche-targeting capabilities available to marketers, reaching your audience has never been easier.Read more