Is Your Website A Lead-Generation Powerhouse? Our 5-Point Checklist

Your website is an essential part of your lead generation strategy. Not only is it often the first stop along the customer journey, it’s also where conversions happen. And leads get generated everywhere in between! How can you be sure you’re website is working as hard as it can to deliver as many new leads as possible?

When our strategic and creative teams work with customers on website development—at the crossroads of lead generation, naturally—we come to the table with the following 5-point checklist. Consider these your guideposts for creating an up-to-date, lead-generating website:Read more

Which Presidential Hopeful Would Get Google's Vote for Most Descriptive Highest Ranking Website?

2016 Election

There is no bigger contest than the race for the Presidency and more people than ever are intrigued watching this heated, contested primary battle. In the end only two will remain so it is critical that each candidate brings their A-Game and of course, their best marketing talents!

Without attempting to persuade your political opinions on this Illinois primary voting day, let’s take an objective look at the six remaining presidential candidates’ website listings, as they appear on Google, after a quick search by each candidate’s name:Read more