The 3 Simple Keys To Maintaining An Up to Date Website At Minimal Cost

Gone are the days when you put up a website and ask a web programmer to make a change every month or so. Really, think back to 1997, or even 2007, when your website was more or less a digital brochure telling your visitors “About Us” and “Our Products.” Today, your site serves a much broader purpose—and keeping it up to date means, “what’s new today.” A robust content management system (CMS), with your marketing team at the controls, can do just that.

Meeting Visitors Expectations for Timely Content
According to a Vistaprint small business website report, 68% of consumers say that up-to-date and accurate content is the most important thing when it comes to having a positive experience with a small business website. And 60% indicate they are less likely to buy from SMBs with neglected or ‘old’ websites. For a larger enterprise company, the stakes could be even higher.Read more

Which Presidential Hopeful Would Get Google's Vote for Most Descriptive Highest Ranking Website?

2016 Election

There is no bigger contest than the race for the Presidency and more people than ever are intrigued watching this heated, contested primary battle. In the end only two will remain so it is critical that each candidate brings their A-Game and of course, their best marketing talents!

Without attempting to persuade your political opinions on this Illinois primary voting day, let’s take an objective look at the six remaining presidential candidates’ website listings, as they appear on Google, after a quick search by each candidate’s name:Read more

A Website with a Heart

Written by Alexa Frank, Marketing Intern

Chicagoland Cardiac Connections
One of the many capabilities we offer at The Weinstein Organization includes website development. And this summer I have had the opportunity to help build an event website for Chicagoland Cardiac Connections. They are hosting an event at the Ann & Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. This site promotes a day that “connects” a community of young patients who live with a Pacemaker or an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD).Read more

How to Successfully End a Completed Visit to Your Website

Written By Mark Weinstein, President

When someone visits your website, whether it’s e-commerce, email sign-up, coupon download or lead generation, the focus is on getting them to take the desired action.  As it should be.  However, the last step in process, when you “thank” the visitor and confirm the desired action, is often overlooked for it’s potential.Read more