Mark Weinstein



Mark is the Founder and President of The Weinstein Organization. Not only is he a die-hard Chicago White Sox fan, but he also carries a 190+ bowling league average. Mark, amongst many other presidential duties, oversees strategy and planning of client projects.

Julie Determann


Account Director

Julie has a fresh water fish tank with an ocean theme (easier to maintain). Her life revolves around her two little men. A good Friday night may mean a big win at Chuck E Cheese. She manages the ABC Supply, Office Depot B2B and James Hardie accounts.

Stacy Dautel


Account Director

She loves going to farmer’s markets, tulip festivals and traveling; so far, she’s visited 10 countries in Europe. But most of her time is spent being a mother to her daughter. Stacy manages Weight Watchers, John Hancock Real Estate Management, Bank of America, and The Illinois State Treasurer.

Tracy Weinstein


Account Director

Tracy is a woman of many talents…just to name a few; she is a marathon runner and a singer! And has now added “mom” to Landon and Hailey. But, when she pulls herself away from the pavement, she manages the Guardsman and Office Depot Retail accounts.

Ross Reidinger


Creative Director

Ross is a Green Bay Packer fan living in Chicago Bears country. Ross designs all TWO clients and specializes in email and web design.

Jason Coats


Production Artist

Can you believe Mark hired a Cubs fan? Well Jason is definitely a Chicago Cubs loyalist. He even almost caught Sammy Sosa’s 62nd home run ball. Jason is also an excellent pool player. He won the Indiana State Pool Championship. Jason works in the art department and specializes in print production.

Bhavesh Patel


Dir. of Information Technology

It may be a fisherman's tale, but he's caught a 10 foot hammerhead shark while out on the open sea. In his spare time he collects U.S. half dollars, but most of the time you'll find him tinkering away with web coding, programming and data processing.

Kyla Herbes


.net Web Developer

Denise is an opera enthusiast and an avid reader. She is a web developer who specializes in back-end .NET programming.

Josh Miller


Web Developer

Josh is a front end website developer who loves to code. When he isn't building websites, he enjoys listening to music and watching sports.

Mary Kate Ragen


Web Developer

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