Once a website is completed, some clients wish to have a tool with which multiple users can easily make additions, changes and deletions to frequently changing information within the website.

For these clients we offer the TWO Intuitive CMS (Content Management System)

Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all web software Content Management System, we provide our own (not out-sourced), more safe and secure CMS with immense flexibility to customize it to your exact needs for an unlimited number of users.

Our clients pay for only what they need and not pay for unnecessary features like you would get with a one-size-fits-all web-based CMS.

Plus, there are currently no licensing fees.

Our one-of-kind tool gives our clients a customizable solution to make the entire website management and the page creation and updating process easy, intuitive, fast and rewarding for users without any knowledge of HTML and code required.

Our responsive designed CMS can be accessed from anywhere you have an Internet connection and the windows will automatically resize to tablet and smartphone devices. With our custom CMS, you will have the 24/7 ability and flexibility to login and make updates, changes, additions, add users, define roles and much more.

The following features and capabilities are included, can be customized as necessary, and all content is arranged in accordance with web usability standards.

ADA Compliant Logo ADA Complaint Generates Section 508 and ADA complaint pages
User Logo Add, Edit & Delete Users Manage user list in real time
Archive Logo Archive Capabilities Be compliant with the Freedom of Information Act
Bug Notifications Logo Automated Bug Notifications Submit any system bugs that occur; notification is immediately sent to TWO for review
Sitemap Logo Automated Sitemap Generation A hierarchical site map will be automatically created, displaying the structure and lists of all pages
Bid Postings Logo Bid Postings Post RFPs, RFQs and RFIs in an electronic format for easy access and download
Calendar Logo Calendar Website visitors can search for events online
New Page Logo Create New Pages Easy page creation from predesigned templates without programming knowledge
Template Logo Custom Template-Based Layouts Provides a consistent design and brand image across all website pages
Dashboard Logo Dashboard Displays quick stats of website
Document Upload Logo Document Upload Organize and upload documents in an electronic format for integration with page content
Excel Logo Downloadable Email Database in Excel Retrieve visitor signup information for future marketing purposes
Breadcrumbs Logo Dynamic Breadcrumbs Used as a secondary navigation strategy, helps with overall usability and improves SEO
Email Signup Logo Email Signups Collect a database of Email Signups that have registered through the website
Emergency Notification Logo Emergency Alert Notification Post time-sensitive information in real time
Event Logo Event Registrations Detailed database of participant information for planning/marketing purposes
Backup Logo Files Backup/Restore Allows the administrator to back up or restore all files associated with the website from the last snapshot am taken
Footer Links Logo Footer Links Featured at the bottom of every website page to improve SEO and mobile use
Format Stripper Logo Format Stripper Strips HTML code formatting for easy text conversion
Responsive Logo Fully Responsive Automatically scales your site to fit desktops, tablets and mobile devices
Analytics Logo Google Analytics Code Integration Provides website activity reports
Translate Logo Google Translate Offers visitors the ability to switch language preference on every page within the website
Image Upload Logo Image Upload Resize, crop, rotate, flip, rename and save your images without using an external software tool
Import Logo Import Files Create a repository of emails addresses collected through the website and external sources in a combined file
Job Posting Logo Job Postings Post job openings using links and PDFs for easy access
Link Pages Logo Link Pages Linking helps move traffic through your site
Link Pages Logo Links Redirect Link to related websites that can open in a new window
Mailing List Logo Mailing Lists Create a mailing list users can subscribe to
Media Library Logo Media Library- images, documents and videos Central location to store uploaded media and documents in an organized manner
Page Management Logo Page Management Any approved user can quickly and easily create, publish and delete content
Press Release Logo Press Release Keep visitors up-to-date with recent news
Publish Approval Logo Publishing Approval Workflow Approval process to make sure content is reviewed before being published
Quick Links Logo Quick Links Place links to the most visited/popular website pages throughout your website
Remote Access Logo Remote Access Access and update site from anywhere with internet connection
Sitemap Reorder Logo Reorder Sitemap Give you the flexibility to reorder where pages are displayed within the website
Resource Manual Logo Resource Manuals Download manuals for using the TWO Intuitive CMS in PDF format
Role Based Logo Role Based Access User privileges are assigned, so only authorized users can access content with unique logins
SEO Friendly Logo Search Engine Friendly The TWO Intuitive CMS helps to optimize your website so that search engines can easily find information
SEO Friendly Logo Social Media Integration Provides visitors with quick access to your social media pages
Source Code Logo Source Code Changelog Provides a running list of code changes made to the CMS or website
Task List Logo Task List Provides a listing of content that needs to be reviewed, approved or denied
WYSIWYG Editor Logo WYSIWYG Text Editor Similar to a word processor with all the formatting and styling features; no HTML coding experience required